The Art of Hosting

Creating precious memories around dinners and game nights, with your loved ones.

Great joy comes from receiving loved ones around a table, whether for simple potlucks or lavish multi-course dinners! It is peculiarly gratifying when guests praise your luxurious leather accessories. Lucrin has curated “The Art of Hosting” collection, regrouping a luxury placemat and cutlery set, leather coasters and service trays, that will complement your expertise in the art of entertaining guests. Finish your dinner parties on a high by playing a round of backgammon, domino, poker or dice games with Lucrin’s bespoke leather accessories designed for game nights. Customize the color and leather to turn them into harmonious extensions of your aesthetic.

The Art of the Table/Refined Tableware

Lucrin brings a luxuriously contemporary perspective to the art of the table. Our leather accessories such as leather place cards, placemats or even napkin rings epitomise unfussy minimalism. Swap your outdated and anachronistic table set for our customizable leather ones to redefine your usual Monday night dinner into something special!


Lucrin has designed these leather coasters for you to indulge in your quirks and luxuries! From simple ones to coasters with rim, these will add depth to your table decor. Elevate your cups and kitchen in our sleek and chic coasters by personalising the leather and by engraving them with your initials. Choose among the myriad of bombastic colors available to inject vibrance in your table setting!

Service Trays

Crafted with a focus on luxurious quality, our opulent serving trays are perfect when offering cocktails or hors d’oeuvres to your guests. Update your classic trays with a wooden one wrapped in premium leather and sporting grippy elongated cutout handles. Customize this regal piece to match your aesthetic palette - the perfect gift for any interior enthusiast.

Fun Games

Enjoy games the traditional way with our leather game sets; travel backgammon, domino set, play-mat for poker or even, our sophisticated dice tray. Perfect for home-use and while travelling, these game sets are handcrafted in luxury leather and can be personalised for all champions and aficionados. Lucrin also has something for adepts of outdoor games. Starting with our leather ball case and score notebook for golf fanatics up to our elegant pétanque bag, these accessories will bring convenience during your games.